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Hyper Target LOCAL Consumers

Everyday, hundreds of local residents visit their favorite restaurant for a meal. We only work with the busiest, most popular local restaurants in town. The majority of of their guests own homes and have an expendable income. Every time they walk in, they see a large, unavoidable dry erase board at eye level near the front entrance. Your ad will be seen hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of times for just 34 to 43 cents a day. That’s less than the cost of one postcard!

We print the boards then place a high end, commercial grade dry erase laminate over the printing. This keeps the printing looking sharp and creates a surface that can be used over and over again for daily messages. If the board wears out within 3 years, it gets replaced! All ad insertions are a one time fee for 36 months of exposure and, in most cases, the ads are category exclusive.

Restaurants love them because they get them free and each board is custom for each location.

Why It Works...

1) Only well-respected LOCAL advertisers
2) Implied endorsement of the restaurant
3) Tons of exposure relative to the price
4) Older folks favor this type of referral.
5) Younger visitors respond to the QR codes.
6) It’s unique and fun so it gets noticed.

That’s me (Jason Roberts) in the picture, by the way.

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Cost, Turnaround, & Next Step-

Depending on the restaurant and the board’s layout, the ad fee will be between $375 to $475 prepaid one-time for 36 months (bare minimum) or more. This includes ad layout and a proof prior to print. Do the math: That’s $125 to $158 per year or just 34 to 43 cents per day for constant branding and exposure to hundreds of LOCALS all day, every day.

Ads are sold on a first-come, first-served basis and must be prepaid to reserve a spot. Most ads are category exclusive or semi-exclusive. Turnaround time is 30 to 6o days and you will receive a picture of the installed board as proof of delivery.

To claim a spot or ask questions, simply call or text Jason Roberts at 843.331.5686. I look forward to speaking with you!

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One Size Does NOT Fit All...

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